About Thai Massage

Where does Thai massage come from? Thai massage (“nuat” in Thai) is the hands-on component of Thailand’s indigenous medical system. While some aspects of the system predate Buddhism in Thailand, Thai practitioners honor Jivaka, the historic doctor to the Buddha, as a patron saint.

How is Thai massage different from a typical spa massage? You keep your clothes on, and you’re on a mat on the floor instead of a massage table. Techniques follow a system of meridian lines and points, like a map on the body to correct imbalances holistically. These techniques may include both light and deep acupressure, lifting, stretching, and using herbs.

How can I learn more about Thai massage? I’ve been doing Thai massage for 10+ years and have spent a lot of time in Thailand (I speak Thai). I also teach beginning techniques and can connect you with an advanced teacher. Send an email to Leslie@HealthyArts.net with your specific question.