End-class reflections

Ouroboros; cycles of existence; duality

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Two weekly public yoga classes I was teaching for the past few months are ending, one due to a studio closing, the other because it was a long-term subbing gig and was ending anyway.

Along the way I felt I was able to pass along some words of wisdom to some of the students that came thru.

A couple of people hired me for Thai massage, always a priceless experience for all involved.

I ended up going to one student for a much-needed hair treatment.

One of the studios had a Great Yoga Wall, so I became familiar with using that as a prop.

I also attended a Bikram studio for a while during this time, in order to inform myself for some of the regular students who had previously practiced that sequence.

Thanks to everyone who came to a class or two!

Best herbal remedies

Thailand: Yo, Big Pharm, Imma let you finish, but our herbal remedies are the best of all time

Thailand has been pretty successful with using both traditional medicine and Western medicine in unison. Facilitating this was part of the intent when King Bhumibol Adulyadej put his support behind systemizing some of the traditional knowledge of Thai massage into a routine that could be taught and used alongside modern science in the 1950s.

Recently at a national Herbal Expo, Prime Minister Prayut recommitted to building up Thailand’s traditional medicine (

Thai massage constitutes the energy healing component of traditional Thai medicine. Bringing in Thai herbs via balm, herbal compress (pictured), some essential oils, etc., helps address the physical healing component.

Try herbal compress with your Thai massage at no extra cost!

On the reg

a quadratic Julia set by Mostly Maths

q. How often should I get a massage?

a. Regularly.

Life is a series of cycles. Seasons, emotions, traditions.

If you receive a massage around the same time each month, for example, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the feeling of renewal and refreshment that comes with the regular total body reset and ritual self-care.

Clients have reported clarity, increased flexibility, improved muscle performance, stress relief, improved quality of sleep, pain relief, and in some cases symptoms disappeared completely.

Your health, your rules

still from They Live, 1988
Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to do things you hate or give up things you love. In fact your cells will never be happy if you yourself aren’t enjoying something about the process. Make your own rules by listening to your body
I’ve seen rediscovery of joy through the mind-body connection after just one Thai massage in people who have spent years being sedentary for health, job or other reasons. Do you know someone who could use that kind of lift?

Thai massage sen: Maps, cords, tubes

some of the เส้น and จุด, illustrated here by Milan Maha

When you get a Thai massage you might get pressed, stretched, and rocked, but you won’t be shocked to hear there’s more to it than that. As a Thai therapist I’m guided by lines/”sen” (เส้น) and points/”joot” (จุด) that I follow as I warm up your body with compressions, and even if/when I pull and twist you in a few different directions.

Your body type, your career, where you grew up, everything influences the quality and location of tension that may arise in your body over time. The massage sen are like maps that help me find it, cords that strengthen you, and tubes through which your energy flows. (If you have already been studying and working with the massage sen for a while, what do they mean to you?)

Ready for a Thai massage? Get in touch (leslie @ HealthyArts . net), or if you aren’t in Kansas City, let me help you find a licensed therapist near you.

Summer recharge: Two-hour vacation to Thailand

Take a two-hour vacation to Thailand, right here in Kansas City! Participants will both give and receive a simple Thai massage, led by massage therapist / yoga teacher Leslie Ann. Two hours is just barely enough time to trade guided massages with your partner, but you will get a hankering for traditional Thai massage that will never leave.

Maybe it’s enough to simply enjoy these brilliant techniques that have been developed in southeast Asia over thousands of years. Or maybe you’ll get a taste for the rich philosophies and science behind this mind-body-energy modality that will guide your personal study and growth.

If you would like to be notified the next time this event happens, email leslie @ healthyarts . net

Leisure rides every other Saturday

Bike + Stretch is back. We did something like this on some of those first sunny weekends of spring, and we’re changing it up a little.

Every other Saturday, meet at Midwest Cyclery in midtown KC (3951 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111) at 10am for a beginner-friendly bike ride. Check back for dates/changes, or email to get notifications: leslie @

Yoga teacher / massage therapist Leslie will guide us through warmups and a “Bike Yoga” session in the middle.

No need to carry a yoga mat, we will find grassy spots and work with our surroundings.

Bring a water for yourself and a few bucks for a donation/tip.

Demo bikes are available for test rides!

Thai massage in 108 seconds

You can tell how good some of these techniques will feel just by watching them. Here’s a simple Thai massage in 108 seconds. You won’t believe it happened so fast!